Stand Back (Poem)

After you’ve done all you can, just Stand. 

Stand back and watch Me work 
Watch Me turn the clock 
Turn the wheels of your mind 
I am the Author of Time
Your past, present and future
I will dismantle the lies and show you the Truth 
Stand back 

Stand back and watch Me work 
Watch the world turn on its axis 
Still rotating
Since the beginning of eternity
Truth be told: It has no choice 
Since I am the One in control 

Stand back and watch Me work
Watch pain turn to progress 
Failure turn to triumph
Sorrow turn to jubilation 
I hear you in the valley, but I see you on the mountain top 
Stand back and see what I see too! 

Your situation is real
Your feelings are valid
Acknowledge what you feel 
But stand on what you know 
Stand back and see the rock that you are standing on 
The Rock that never fails 
The Foundation of your Hope

Stand back and again I say stand back. 

-Dr. Queen 

Beautiful people, I pray this blesses you as much as it has blessed me. I challenge you to STAND BACK today and every day moving forward. Be still and know that He is God! He has everything under control. We need only to trust and believe in his plan (Jeremiah. 29:11). Remind yourself of the promises. Hold on. Things WILL get better! 

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