The Anchor Holds Shop is now live!

Yep! You read correctly: The Anchor Holds (TAH) will now be selling merchandise to complement the blog. As many of you know, our mission is to “Spread Hope One Word at a Time” and one of the ways we choose to do this is through inspirational apparel and accessories! Hence why we have the ANCHOR OF THE BODY section!

This is our space to share merchandise to help spread the gospel and spread hope together. Whether TAH merchandise or other faith based brands, I hope to bring you ideal apparels and accessories that speak life. Gone are the days where we where anything for the sake of trends. Let’s make Jesus a trend. Let’s make Him famous!!!

Join us as we motivate, inspire, and empower ourselves and those around us via our clothing! Don’t forget to tell them who, what, when, where, and why your Anchor Holds ⚓️💜

Currently we are Etsy, but we hope to grow with you on other platforms in due time! See you at the Shop!


Here are some of the apparels and accessories located on the site:

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