Fear is a Liar

One word, four letters.
So little, yet so powerful. 
It whispers in my ear sweet--no sour--nothings
Anything to stop me from being who I'm called to be
“There’s nothing special about your story.”
“People have been through worse”
“You aren’t a good writer.”
“You aren’t a good speaker.”
“Who will hear you?”
“People will criticize you.”
“YOU will criticize you.”
“What’s the point?”
“People are already doing what you want to do!”
“You aren’t any different!”

I heard the lies
I listened to the deceit
I thought it was true
I now know the real truth:
Fear is a liar
A bold faced liar.

Yes I may be scared
Yes, I may feel paralyzed
But I refuse to be in sleep paralysis any longer.
I am waking up
I will walk in my purpose
I will write my story
I will speak life.
I will GO
I will GROW
I will GLOW
I will KNOW

I can’t let fear hold me back from my destiny. 
I will feel the fear and do it anyway! 



-Dr. Queen 

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