Live Again

Much like arteries clogged with cholesterol,
The heart can be clogged with hurt, pain, doubt, and fear
When the heart is strained
The pain gets worse
You can’t seem to catch your breath
But symptoms go away after a few moments 
No, it’s not quite a heart attack
It’s a spasm
It’s squeezing the life out of you 
But don’t worry
You’re still here
You’re still living.

The heart isn’t at the end of its life
However with more strain
It can exacerbate the pain
With more strain
It can hinder the flow of blood 
With more strain
It can cause death. 
Then its a heart attack
A physical attack
A spiritual attack

Let’s stop while we’re still ahead. 
Say no to stress and anxiety
Just rest in His presence
Still waters 
Quiet plains
Beautiful meadows 

Still at rest, you may feel the pain 
Oh life
It seems like you can’t ever win
But I need you to refuse to lose

You are equipped with medication
Aspirin is your worship
Calcium blockers are your praises 
Pain relievers are your prayers
Nitrates is your faith
Everything you need is within you 
You will survive 
Clean your heart
Let go of doubt
Free yourself from hurt and pain
Forgive and be set free

Allow your heart to live again 

-Dr. Queen  💜

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