Hungry For More

inspired by “Hunger” by David and Nicole Binion & “The Isaiah Song” by All Nations Worship Assembly Atlanta

There’s a hunger
A hunger so deep 
Growling and rumbling 
Reverberating the sound of emptiness 

Feeding on everything that isn’t good for me 
I’m bloated, 
Bloated with gluttony 

I’ve feasted on lies, doubt, and defeat. 
I devoured fear, hopelessness, and deceit. 

But I’m still hungry

There’s a hunger
A hunger so deep 
Like a bottomless pit 
Seeking and searching for love
from anyone and anything 
Except from the One who is Love

There’s a hunger 
A hunger so deep 
It surpasses the depths of the oceans 
Hitting the Earth’s core; my core 
So filled with fire, rage, and heat 
I want what I want 
But I can’t seem to get a hold of it 
I want what I need 
But still waiting to get it 
Waiting to be filled
Waiting to be complete 

When will the waiting game come to an end? 
When will I be full?
When will I be complete? 
When will I be whole? 

Reality is, nothing on this Earth will fill me up 
I am dry
I am empty

Reality is, nothing on this Earth will satisfy
I am it
I am nothing

Reality is, only He can satisfy 
He is God
He is everything 

I might be empty, but He is the well 
I will draw from Him and He will provide
I might be nothing but He is everything 
I will seek Him until I find 

With holy surrender and divine focus
I will search endlessly for sustenance 
I will feast on love, hope, and peace, 
I will devour truth, courage, strength

Then, maybe then, I will be full, complete, and whole 

There is a hunger
A hunger so deep 
But this time it’s different 
I’m hungry for more of Him 

-Dr. Queen

Remember, The Anchor Holds⚓️💜