Im Holding On

Hello there, Beautiful People! It is no surprise that the essence of this entire blog is about holding on. The anchor in itself is a daily reminder to be secured, stable, and grounded within yourself and your values. More personally, it’s my reminder to stay anchored in Jesus….even when it is hard and I don’t feel like it (!!). Nonetheless, that has become my life message, which I’d like to share with you. When all hell breaks loose, and you’re at your wits end with no solution in sight, I recommend one thing: “KEEP HOLDING ON!” Hold on to the joy you find. Hold on to your WHY. Hold on to your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Hold on to yourself. Hold on to God. Hold on to HOPE!

Your holding on will not be in vain!

I’m holding on 
With legs flailing over the edge of the cliff
I look down and see my life flash before my eyes
The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly 

The sea below is wild and ferocious
The hurricane of life is coming with power
The winds are blowing forcefully
Aiming to fling me into the sea abyss 
But I’m holding on 

I don’t have the arm strength 
I’m mentally unstable 
My hands are sweaty 
My body is heavy
I can’t hold on any longer!
Life is happening
People are dying
I have no control
Somebody please help!  

I look around and there is no one in sight
How. Did. I. Get. Here?
Who told me to take the road less traveled?
Who asked me to be the center of attention?
I didn’t want any of it
No pedestal 
No spotlight 
But now I find myself here

Please help me
I’ve served you the best way I know how
Yes I could’ve done more 
But take what I’ve done and consider it 
Please forgive me 
Please help me 

I’m still slipping 
I thought I asked for help!
Where are you God?
Where are you now? 
I can’t do this anymore 
I’ve tried multiple times 
But I’m tired 
I’m okay with the plans you have for me. 
So….I’m letting go

“THANK YOU,” I heard a voice say.
“Thank you for finally letting go.
That’s all I had asked of you since time began.
Did you forget that I am in control?
Not you. 
Did you know that you weren’t holding on to me, 
But rather, I was holding on to you?” 

“The winds you felt was the breath of my spirit. 
My power
The sea below you was my river of tears 
Sorrow at how you don’t trust me
Grief about your lies of believing me 
If you had fallen, you weren’t going to drown 
I have already parted the sea for you to walk through 
So...why are you troubling yourself??? 
Didn’t I tell you: “You would see my glory if you only believed?” 

My daughter, my son
Just believe. 
Hold on to your faith, hold on to love, hold on to truth
Release everything else
But hold on to me 
I promise, I won’t let you go 
I’m holding on 

-Dr. Queen💜

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jasmine says:

    Very powerful message!! Thanks for the reminder that God is indeed always in control!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dr.QueenAkie says:

      Amen thank you! ALWAYS in control!


  2. Natti says:

    Much needed reminder Dr. Queen, much needed. Thanks for the inspirational read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dr.QueenAkie says:

      Amen!! You’re welcome, my love!


  3. Samika Jeffrey says:

    Wow!! This moved me. I loved reading every word. Xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dr.QueenAkie says:

      Thanks so much sis! I’m glad it was a blessing!


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