The Refinement

Wake up and see the light
The bang of a particle
Transmitting energy and waves
Producing a substance
Needed by all
Regretted by none
Emitting the glow needed to see.
To behold

Wake up and smell the coffee
The bean of growth
Harvested for use
The Drying, the Milling
The Grinding, the Brewing
Smell the roasted scent of refinement
The cleansing and purification of making something so

Wake up and shine like diamonds
Beaten and refined
It was once coal
Dark and dirty
Chipped away
Pressure applied
Beauty produced

Wake up and taste the wine
Fermented from grapes
In its stillness it waited
It was crushed and bruised
Beaten to its core
To be transformed into something better
More expensive and expansive
From solid to liquid
Changed into a different element

Wake up and live
You were meant to go through the process
Struck down
But not destroyed
You are stronger than you were
Brighter than you were
Purer than you were

But there is more.
Trust the process.
Push through the process
You are no longer raw material
You are on your way to the finished product

-Dr. Queen

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Natalie Jones says:

    You just keep getting better!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dr.QueenAkie says:

      Sis, God is so good! Thank you for being a great supporter!

      I know we talked about it briefly, but which part resonates with you the most? Why?


  2. Alvin Clarke says:

    Words like these do cut, cut so deep to the bone marrow, but without harm or hurt. Instead, they are medicinal, carriages of health to the soul and hope to one’s being. How can one so heal with words like you do! Your words are true, but truer is your mind. The beauty of your mind words cannot fitly detail, for this is an artistry of the Chief Architect, Christ the Lord. The Lord still reserves for Himself the best of all things and people, indeed, you are choicest! It is so strange that my words would escape me at the sighting of yours, but I joyfully and safely concede. Indeed, the Holy One of Israel, through His Holy Spirit, has superfluously showered you with wisdom so mesmerizing. Bless you, Blessed of the Lord

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dr.QueenAkie says:

      Wow. I am in awe. Thank you so much for your beautifully poetic words. It definitely means a lot to know that it is bringing you healing. I tend to underestimate the power of my words, but comments like these remind me that it’s bigger than me. It’s about the readers, but most importantly: it’s all about God. To God be all the glory. Be blessed!

      Ps: Is there a specific part that resonated with you the most? Which part and why?


      1. Alvin Clarke says:

        I am moved by the entirety of the work, chiefly, due to the philosophical coverings: every line has a unique image conveyed. Being intrigued by words is a rare experience that I rarely experience as I would, for a full day’s meal, flesh any set of words to create for me the message I intend conveying to a particular audience or for my amusement. But you write as as one ancient Greek philosopher so versed in the matters of both the mind and heart. If you permit me, I would gladly petition my patience to, to the best of my understanding by the grace of God, interpret each verse. That you will write this yourself is a visible testament of how precious-laden your mind is. You pricked the philosopher in me. It was almost dark of recent, but your Light lights the light of my light. I am extremely grateful to God that I can easily relate to His handiwork in you. Now, if you would grant me the autonomy to your works, they are a good feed to one’s being


  3. Samika says:

    Wow. This is deep sis!! I love your poetry. ❀


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