Just like Fire

Just like fire shut up in my bones 
The word of the Lord is RAGING
Amber waves with flecks of blue
There’s something to be said for what’s inside
As letters evade every sinew in my body
Words are created and sentences are made
Paragraphs are beaming with heat within my muscles
Flowing with the blood of Jesus Christ
That blood that permeates through it all
That precious blood that never loses power
That is the blood that is inside of me today
Always red, but it looks blue, let’s say it’s purple!
My blood is royalty.
Given to me by the King
I am his own
Made in his own image
His word, His flesh
his spirit. His breath.
It is oxygen to this fire
I am alive, only because he breathed into me
When I was broken, he put me together
When I was down, he lifted me
When I was hopeless, he gave me hope
When I was faithless, he gave me...nope not faith.
A mustard seed.
Yes, a small little tiny seed
With no foreshadow of it’s growth
I angrily  threw it in the ground.
What can that seed do for me? I thought to myself
Not knowing that I planted it
I watered it with my tears
I fed it with the little hope I had
Soon enough, it grew so big, that it covered my shame
It covered my guilt, It covered my lack of faith
This newfound faith tree was humongous and strong
When the winds blew
The leaves danced
The branches swayed
But the tree stood still
When the winds blew 10x harder
The leaves fell all of a sudden
The branches broke all in a moment
But still, the tree stood.
It’s my season of pruning.
New growth, new fruits, better fruits
Yea, I may be broken
But I will live again
My tree is rooted in his love
Watered by his love
Fed with his love
My tree is growing again
I am living again

I feel it.
New growth for you too.
It hurts, But the change is worth it
The pruning must happen
The new season must come
The leaves will be healthier than before
Flowers will blossom with grace
Sweet fruits will grow with life

I have Good News
New life with Christ is possible
Yes the fire will come but you will not be burned down. It is His Spirit
Yes the waves will come, but you will not be drowned. It is His Love
Yes the winds will come but you will not be blown away. It is His Breath.
His holy breath.
Breathed into you.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Let the oxygen blow
Let your fire burn

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