Gracefully Broken (Praise Dance)

Phewwww! Where do I even start with this one?? Many times, I swear I have everything under control in my life. I plan and I execute. But as soon as something goes wrong and expectations aren’t met, then I feel lost and confused. It seems as if road blocks have been strategically placed, blocking every turn, causing me to question myself as the driver of my life. I question my reality. Do I REALLY have things under control??? I feel broken, inadequate, and hopeless. Back to square one I go, desperately trying to handle things on my own. Soon enough, I’m back at square one, again! This cycle continues several times before realizing that I need help. Who else is on this struggle bus?

In EVERY aspect of my life, I struggle with holding on vs letting go. I struggle with letting someone higher than I am be in control of my being. I struggle to let God be God. However, I am learning that there is beauty in being broken and vulnerable. There is power in letting God take control of life’s battle.


In my battle with brokenness, I am reminded of Tasha Cobbs song, Gracefully Broken. This is one of my go-to songs when I am feeling some way. A friend at school and I ministered this song to close out the semester Dec 2017. I wanted to share this video with you so we can become whole, together. As you watch, I challenge you to open your mind and heart and allow yourself to be gracefully broken in Jesus Christ. Allow Him to put you back together again. He will create a masterpiece way better than you could’ve done!!

Stay tuned for an in-depth look at what it means to be broken and how we can get through it!

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  1. Nkc_est91 C says:

    Praise Him Erika!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dr.QueenAkie says:

      Thank you my love! God is good!


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