Let Your Heart Believe

Let your heart believe:
What your eyes can’t see
What your ears can’t hear
What your nose can’t  smell

Let your heart believe:
What your hands can’t feel
What your mind can’t comprehend
What your body can’t react to

Let your heart believe.

For too long, you’ve sheltered your heart
Stowed it away to be protected by thousands of fortresses
When in reality, you hid your heart from yourself
Left to be repressed

Let your heart believe.

Allow yourself to feel
Allow yourself to live
Allow yourself to fight
Allow yourself to hope.

There is hope in this world
Somewhere, somehow
That hope can and will be found

But first, let your heart believe


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Samika J. says:

    Another one *DJ Khaled Voice*
    I enjoy reading this poem ..this may be my fourth or fifth time reading it. It’s a reminder to believe in myself, and have faith! Please keep writing …reading your pieces have been therapeutic.


    1. Dr.QueenAkie says:

      Lol! Sis!!!!I’m so happy that this is speaking to you. So simple yet so powerful. Keep believing!


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